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Got my referral letter to the Cardiff gender identity service today

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No, us in North Wales are now being referred to Cardiff.... It's a long trek! And yes over 2 years waiting list too... Really stupid. I already have a good working relationship with my NHS endocrinologist, and a letter from a private psychiatrist stating I have GD, so I started HRT a while ago on the NHS - I sort of short-cut the system (though I did not need any referrals to see my endo). A lot of people use GenderGP now in the UK because of these astronomical waiting times.

I've heard from someone that a lot of the first referral dates are wrong and if anybody has the wrong first date, they should contact the GIC about it.


--- Quote from: Ellie_Arroway on January 10, 2020, 01:55:13 pm ---I think I was actually first referred on 23 September 2019, so I'll query that. I remember they sent a questionnaire that had to be filled in and I saw a GP about that on 24 October. The letter says everyone is seen in strict order of referral date, so that could bring it a month closer.

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Hello again Ellie

Congratulations on receiving the letter and I hope you are successful in bringing forward by a month (or more).

25 or 26 months is absolutely ridiculous a waiting time.

I decided on the private route as you know, but I feel for you and those who cannot afford private.


Pamela  xx


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