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I think I just discovered I am intersex (19M-ish) (somewhat explicit)


Hi Forum, I am a bit shocked and confused over what I discovered last night and wanted to see if a forum like this could tell me more or if I'm just deluding myself.

Last night, as most young men do, I decided to pleasure myself, but I was going to it a bit differently, more exploratory, slow, see what feels good. I was rubbing the lower part of my scrotum, towards the perineum, when I found a spot that really felt good, and squishy. I started exploring it more in-depth, and felt the shape of something quite familiar, that of a vagina, but behind a layer of skin. The location and sensation were spot on, and the squishy part that felt really nice to touch was where a clitoris would be/is.
A little bit dazzled I kept exploring and pleasing myself, focusing mostly on that region.
To keep the details minimum, I've never felt sensations like that, I had a really mindblowing orgasm, and it felt as if some part of my sexuality had become activated that was never there before. I had done prostate stimulation but it was not the same sensation. I also felt like moaning like a woman would (and I did), and my fantasies and cravings for physical sensation were entirely different than what I normally experience
Afterwards I felt quite sore (I went at it pretty rough), but really good, and I could feel the outlines of what I can only describe as a labia. I also had a very warm, soft feeling in my stomach.

Now maybe I just found some 2nd male G-spot but I am quite convinced that I have discovered some form of intersex.
Though I couldn't find my exact, er symptoms (for lack of a better term) between some of the common intersex forms, I might have missed it.

I would like to hear that every guy has this or something of that order but I don't think that's the case (though I am aware that we are all ladies in the womb and only grow male genitalia after a shot of testosterone enters our bodies)
It would explain a lot of things about me. I have always felt I had a somewhat strong feminine energy. I have somewhat wide hips and a bit of a curve in my body. Not much body hair either. I also have a certain disarming charm, good guy friends have even told me that they would marry me if I wasn't a dude. At a psytrance party, some high dude came up to me and started talking about how I had something really feminine about me, and that it was cool or something. (though I in no way act stereotypically flamboyantly or anything like that, that kind of behaviour actually kind of irks me, to be honest)

Although I'm a bit confused and not sure who to talk to about this, I do feel a stronger connection to my sensually and body. As if I somehow knew all along subconsciously but only recently cultivated enough self-acceptance to really get into it, which has been a theme in my life right now.

So yeah, is there anything I should know?
Am I even really intersex? Is this a known condition with a name? Should I tell anyone about this?
Is hormone therapy necessary or recommended? Even though I work out and watch my health and try to be "high T", I've always felt I lacked some amount of masculine gusto.

Thanks for your time and answers, and apologies for anyone being offended by any explicitness or strong opinions

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Hi MonkeyBusiness,

I'm sorry nobody has replied, it's a bit of a complicated question.

Sexual development is far more complex than most of us realise - even more complex than most doctors realise. Yes it is entirely possible that you have other parts, possibly under the skin. They may be complete, or a subset of parts.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with it. I was born intersex and didn't find out until I was 39. I lived a very confusing life as a "guy" lol but am 100% female. It's valid.

Approximately 1% of people are born intersex, and it's either discovered at birth, or during puberty. We don't often hear about people who discover it later in life, but we're going to start hearing this more as we learn more.

If you want to know more, talk to your doctor. If they don't seem to know much about it, ask them to look into it for you, or refer you to someone who does. Most important I've found, is that you feel your doctor(s) care about you.

It's also important to know there are MANY different intersex conditions. While you may not be intersex, if a doctor dismisses it and says "no, not possible", then they are very much not trained in the intricacies of intersex.

You will probably need a CT scan of abdomen to groin.

As for your identity, there is no correct answer to that - only YOUR answer. You are you, be whomever you want to be, and you are awesome 😊.

Feel free to ask any questions, I'll help if I can.


MonkeyBusiness, yes see a dr, if they won't seems understand what is going with you and don't want to find out what is going on. Find another dr as this is a specialized field and you need to find one that know what to do to help you.


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