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Taking it slow

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Heather N:
Thank you
I know I am eventually going to have to go down that path. At this point I think it would be too much too soon..perhaps even for me. You are right about the sexual arousal, its not really part of it. I just feel "right" when I wear them. Putting on panties stocking, garters is not even a second thought today. It part of how I get dressed. The only time I even think about it is when I'm running behind and don't have time to shave my legs. I HATE having stubbly legs. There are other folks in my life this will undoubtedly have an adverse impact on and I have to measure.."how much is enough for me?" I think I may find out sooner than later

I have these idealistic thoughts that if I dress some, that will be enough to get by. The more I do, I am afraid it's a tiny bandaid on huge cut

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Heather:
Yes indeed, taking it slow and concentrating on your transition details and your goals is the right way to go.   Things will happen in their own time,
It is nice for me to read that your SO is on board with your explorations and your journey.... you should count yourself quite fortunate in that regard.

I see that you are just a few posts away from the "magic" 15 post Forums Rank of "Newbie" and will not longer be a "Visitor" and then most Forums restrictions will be removed....  you can then view other profiles, edit your profile, send and receive forums Private Messages, and perhaps the most enjoyable feature of being able to upload your own Avatar/Profile pictures and include picture attachments in your comment postings around the various threads.

Please keep your updates coming, not only is the ability to share your thoughts very important but you also can are getting reponses from other members regarding their thoughts and questions.

HUGS, and best wishes,

Limited rights other than posting or responding to messages. Specific limitations include no ability to view or edit profiles, not being able to send out private messages, and not being able to upload pictures or link to external pictures.

Heather N:
One unfortunate thing I have began to realize is that as I am starting this journey, I am starting to get some bouts of depression that I never had before. Maybe be cause i can see some stuff I want and I may never be able to get. I'm not sure  :eusa_think:
Is this common as girls start the process?

I have always been everybody's rock, now I am feeling a bit lost and frustrated

And yes, that magic 15 seems to be coming quickly  :icon_dance:


A slow transition that is planned and medically supervised, with therapist support as needed for clarifications of gender and any other issues, at a comfortable pace for you, makes a lot of sense.

You are not on anyone’s timetable except your own.  At times you may wish to go faster, then at other times you may wish to go slower. 

Enjoy the journey.   :)


Heather N:
seems to me that part of what I have to decide is how far do I want to go? just dressing some, full time, maybe more than that? Part of my fear is that I have this big heart to heart discussion with my SO and find out that I really dont need it as bad as I think... the grass is always greener and all that


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