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Northern Star Girl:
@Heather N
Dear Heather:
I miss reading your postings around the Forums...  please come back to your Blog thread and keep me and the rest of your followers updated with your life journey as you transition.

Below I am glad to read of your experiences that you posted... I agree with men's pant's legs issue, even the slim cut men's jeans and pants have way, way too wide and baggy legs.

Please keep on sharing and posting on your Blog thread and elsewhere around the various topics.

I hope and trust that you are doing OK and staying healthy and safe.

Again, it will be nice to see your latest updates and posts as you feel comfortable sharing..

--- Quote from: Heather N on October 18, 2021, 07:31:21 pm ---I forgot, I also wear leggings out everywhere! it's funny, I have read posts where men are afraid to go out in leggings. I even wear pink ones, Nobody has said anything or seemed to even care. I wonder if it would be that way in a dress..  My SO said something that made me think.. My t-shirts were always kind of long, they would reach the top of my legs.. she said if I added 6 more inches to my t-shirt, it would be a mini dress!   :icon_dance:

the odd occasion I wear men's clothes, its so odd when I fold them now, they are HUGE in the legs. I really cant even stand folding them now, It looks like there is enough room for two legs on both sides.  :icon_yikes:

--- End quote ---


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