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Northern Star Girl:

--- Quote from: Heather N on August 02, 2022, 09:10:37 am --- It looks like I am taking a frustrating step back. My SO's DIL is moving in through the winter. Had to pack up my clothes and bring out what is left of my old stuff. It was so depressing.. I can still wear leggings but that's about it.
To be clear, her moving in was a joint decision and was made for all of the right reasons.. I cant wait until Spring!

--- End quote ---
@Heather N
Dear Heather:
You can always "under" dress.

Under-dressing in women's underwear even while presenting in male-mode can be a wonderful experience....
...and when you have places to go, if you keep a small stash of feminine attire in a box or bag that you can take with you, you can change and dress as you desire while away from your home and away from your SO's DIL   .

Allison R:
Underdressing keeps me sane for sure.


Heather N:
i still wear women's underwear. that's my normal "go to" now. old men's briefs  bunch up badly with leggings so I don't really even consider those  anymore and my socks are feminine. I guess I just have to live with that for a bit


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