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--- Quote from: Jenniferlynn on January 22, 2020, 10:38:47 pm ---Thank you so much for sharing. I had my first appointment with my GP today since coming out. I have my first appointment with my therapist the 5th of February. My GP is getting me a consultation appointment with the endocrinologist hopefully soon so we can discuss options. This is extremely exciting for me. I feel like my journey to complete womanhood is getting ready to start. I plan to post an HRT progress post after I’m started. These last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind.

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Jennifer Lynn,

I hope that your journey goes smoothly and will be exciting!


I feel this a perfect thread to post my experience with HRT and what happened to me personally. HRT came into my life on 2-22-2019 and decided to rocket-ship me to womanhood in the blink of an eye. I was not prepared for being a woman overnight. I know a lot of women want their changes to happen fast and I used to think the same thing until one day I lost the ability to present male; that threw me for a loop.

In the past I always had the ability to switch back to male mode when things got too intense, but, once that was gone I felt like a baby, helpless and alone with no way to control my presentation. It was either present female or don't go outside, there was no other option and still isn't. Some days I feel like screaming "waaaiiitttt...let me got off the E train" but there is no door. I'm forced to be the woman I'm supposed to.....end of story.

I wish this process took LONGER actually. There was no combination of HRT or vitamins that made me go from an almost dead man to my current state (see avatar) it was a natural occurrence. Women ask me all the time "What's your secret?" ...I tell them the same: There is none, it's genetics and what God intended.

So the moral of this HRT story is: Be careful wishing for immediate results because once it happens you had better be ready.

Wishing everyone all the success on their journeys.

Much love,


Here is some info:


--- Quote from: Northern Star Girl on January 14, 2020, 08:08:28 pm ---
Regarding tracking your body measurements, it would be a good idea if you established a reference point  allowing you to judge your body changes as HRT does it's magic.

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Great idea! i am thinking of doing a day by day time lapse when i officialy start (hopefully in January!) - but measurements are already prominent in my mind due to the never ending clothing requirements i have !

I was just thinking how I don't really remember developing my breasts. I remember the tingle feeling of blood vessels opening up. I was still using the male locker room when I went to the gym for a while, and I remember starting to go into the bathroom stalls to change my shirt. I have no idea if the need to do so was in my head or not. Anyway, back then I'd of thought I'd remember the day I stopped stuffing my bra but I don't.

I know it took more than two years for them to mature. The end of January will mark 8 years since I started a transitioning dose of HRT, and the size of my breasts along with my areolas grew for a long time after my endo stopped measuring me. Now they're just there, and I love that they're mine cause I feel more natural in my body. The decades of delay in their development doesn't even register as real anymore to my mind.


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