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Have you ever passed through this? Some people call me sir, others ma'am

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I don't know what to do. Maybe this is a phase I'm passing through?

I'm on hormones quite a while now, and now I have a good figure of myself. Before my transition, I would look in the mirror and see a boy. But now I look in the mirror (the same mirror by the way lol) and I really see a girl. Things are pretty messy at the street tough.

There are days when I'm treated like a girl, and there are days when I'm treated like a boy, like for no reason. There was this day when I was at the street wearing women's clothes and people treated me as a boy. But then the other day I was in a men's clothes in the street and people treated me as a girl, so there is no logic.

This is how I look nowadays... this was this christmas 2019 same day this was april 2019

So... Am I missing something? Is this a phase? lol I'm pretty confused.

Your pictures indicate a female to me. A thought.... maybe your voice and/or mannerisms are what is giving certain people the idea that you are male? Is there anyone close to you who you've come out to that you feel you could ask about this?

Maid Marion:
You look like a woman.  But, that is just part of it.  Your mannerisms also play a big part.  I see this in how I interact with other people.  I gender as girl in a gender neutral T shirt and jeans from the way I walk.


oh my gosh, it makes sense now...

It's not the first time I hear about that, so maybe this is the puzzle I was missing.
sometimes I really act like a man, and I'm not exactly a delicate girl type.
So, I'll pay attention on my mannerisms from now on...


Massive props for the Christmas dress! You and I are birds of a feather!  :)

Hugs, Devlyn


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