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Do you care about wearing ladies sleepwear?

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I used to often wear shiny, satiny PJs (and also wore robes at home) and those are nice.  But I also like flannel and female t-shirts, and that is what is more typical for me now, as well as to wear nothing.



--- Quote from: Jessica_Rose on January 18, 2020, 06:43:52 am ---I wear sleepwear around the house in the evenings, but 99.9% of the time I sleep naked!

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Us too! Nighties for play time, skin for sleepy time!


--- Quote from: Allie Jayne on January 18, 2020, 05:56:09 am ---Last century, I used to wear t shirts to bed, and wake with them bunched up in my lower back. I bought t shirt style nighties which were knee length and this problem was eliminated. My girlfriend was talking about commitment, so it was time to tell her I was trans. After a bumpy week or two, she asked me to marry her, and a few months later bought me a satin nightie as a wedding present. I have only slept in nighties ever since!


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What a lovely story Allie, lucky you, thankyou for sharing that.  Nighties rule forever!


--- Quote from: Maid Marion on January 18, 2020, 06:09:31 am ---Yes, I have a huge collection of nightwear.   ;D

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So do I, more than I need really.  Mostly summer nighties but also a few cami tops/bottoms and a couple of satin robes.  I have also noticed recently there is a shortage of nylon tricot nightgowns in many dept stores.  There are different cotton styles more popular now :(  Sad because they were my faves, oh well, that's trends for you, glad I bought up when I did.

Ladies' sleepwear turned me trans!

Not really, of course. But at my age, I've found I feel colder at nights, so this fall I decided to switch from sleeping in my birthday suit to sleeping in something to help keep me warmer.

Looking at PJs online, I realized I just didn't care for the guys' stuff. So I thought, why not look at the women's sleepwear?

I wound up buying some, and it felt so good and right and comforting that it really did make me own up to what I had been denying for all my life. To be clear, it was the latest in a long, long string of feminine indulgences I've allowed myself over the decades, but this time finally gave me the clarity I needed.

So while women's sleepwear didn't actually turn me trans, it was the catalyst that led me to me finally accept the fact!


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