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The Untouchables

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I'm just in the middle of watching this again, such a great movie! :)  Has anyone seen it?  I LOVE 30s Americana!

Battle Goddess:
I went to school on the South Side. The whole theater went up for grabs when Andy Garcia got Sean Connery to quit giving him a hard time.

Just the way De Palma shot this as well, great stuff.  I didn't realise it was that old though! :o

I saw them making it in Chicago.  I was going to Columbia College for film school.  That was the time to be in the city.  Every week a new production...

Here by accident, thought this thread must be about something else.  But now that I’m here Sean Connery is great in this film but when he said “leave it to a ... to bring a knife to a gun fight” it always reminds me of my dysphoria!
(Ok so I didn’t need much reminding)


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