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--- Quote from: Andrea Candle on January 27, 2020, 07:49:16 am ---WOW astrophotography sounds great,I bet you have beautiful collection,do you have your favorite/special photo?

--- End quote ---

This one won me a pile of awards.  It is the March photo on the RASC's 2020 calendar.

Andrea Candle:

Yes film photography did give a great base of knowledge of how to take pictures and understand light and reading it. On a big photo trips in years past, shooting 100-200 rolls of film was such a big deal, packing it all around with you, keeping it cool, no x-rays, big glass. With film I liked the use of small batteries to run the meters but certainly not the confines of ASA/ISO. Nowadays with super sensitive CCD's or sensors it has opened up a huge area not previously accessible with film. I started with a Pentax system, moved to a Nikon system where I still keep my interest. Yes phones have been easy and have wiped out point and shoot cameras with 1 hour developing. As Kathy Lauren mentioned, some stuff is not possible without digital. Great shot by the way Kathy! I recently cashed in a whole bunch of film bodies with KEH and was able to upload to the next FX body in Nikon's line. I still have a 4x5 film camera that I will dig out again and use, can still film for. In fact I heard that film is making a resurgence albeit a small move back to it. We have witnessed a change in documenting life by going from Analog to Digital!

I had a very lucrative, fun and creative career as a commercial photographer  in my 20s and 30s when digital photography was talked about as something out in the future.   The environment is for the better with digital photography but that is the only positive thing I can say about it.  There are so many subtle nuances of silver based images that have been lost. I still find it sad that Polaroid type 55 film is gone.  I will always remember how amazing it was to pull 8x10 transparencies out of the box fresh from the lab and lay them out on the light table. I kept 1 film camera, a Horseman VHR press camera, when I transitioned over to digital with the idea that I will shoot silver based film again. 

Hi Tess, yes agreed, so much has been lost with the change to digital, I am sure that the time Ansel Adams spent in his darkroom to finally get the perfect print of "Moonrise over Hernandez" could have been spent getting more fine B&W photos. It is astounding the time put into film photography. With slide/positives it was much easier to send them away, however now we do the processing with digital. In some ways it is similar. I do resent the life span of digital body nowadays, 3-5 years then kaput! At least with a film body we could 10 years out of them.


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