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I think that code is for linking to Susan's Place from an external site.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Laura:
If you require any further assistance please let me know and I will very glad to help you if I can.

--- Quote from: Laura1951 on January 27, 2020, 07:56:57 am ---@Devlyn

Devlyn and Danielle,

A sincere thank you for helping me. I found it interesting that the coding you provided differs from the page source code, but now I know the trick. Have a great day.


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You're so nice to ask. What I discovered was that because Susan's uses BBCode, it was necessary to find the specific coding on another site. I'd include a tutorial here (and I tried today), but the coding won't let me. For anyone who would also like to add a link directing people to a specific Susan's thread, I'd recommend you Google BBCode URL Link and the first recommendation will show you the specific coding. (That's what I did today to remember how to do it.)



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