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Hi Folks!

It has been a long time since posting here.  I'm in my mid forties, and came out about 4 years ago.  It was 5 years ago that I started HRT and I've been full-time since.  It's weird to talk about being full-time now because it really has just become me "doing me". 

I have recently decided that I need to quit weed.  The day that so many of us dreamed of back in the day-- the legalization of weed in my state-- actually helped me realize just how far I had gone to feed the habit.  Now that weed is so accessible I realize that I took a lot of risks for something that is not much different from drinking a beer.  I made compromises in my life and relationships that I know we're dangerous or unhealthy.

So here we are today!  Would love to chat with others who have overcome similar addictions.

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Hey there, MirandaLove. I rarely post here but decided to reply here, hope you still around and you're fine.
In my opinion, cannabis intake should be regulated only by a specialist, but that's just my opinion. It's true that it can help to cope with anxiety, that's the main reason why people start taking it.


I see that this is your first post. Welcome to Susan's Place.

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Congratulations of quitting marijuana. It is not only illegal in many States here in the good old USA, but around the world as well. The legal issues are a real hazard, especially if you are placed in a foreign jail.

Health concerns of any plant based material that is smoked are similar in that the products of combustion are sometimes cancer causing with long term use and I am not even mentioning the damage to the lung tissue. Can we talk about Emphysema? It is a terrible way to die. You have a chronic cough and you are gasping for breath. There is nothing anybody can do to cure this. You will have it until it kills you.

I do not like to  describe such a bleak picture, but someone has to tell the truth. I am a retired Pharmacist and I  have personally seen many people die from emphysema and its complications. Here in Florida we have many TV ads by people who have complications from tobacco smoking. The physical damage is the same. It is just that tobacco is much more common and the health risks show up sooner, but they are the same for all forms of smoking.

Recent research has indicated that legal products such as CBD oil have many of the calming effects of cannabis without the intoxicating effects or the legal issues. However if anxiety is your main issue, I recommend that professional medical help is a better way to treat this.

Again, congratulation on walking away from the weed. Many of  us find that once we are taking a hormone that is in alignment with our self image, much of our anxiety goes away.


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