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Pet pet peeves?


We all love them, legit!  But sometimes, they can drive us mad. Pets are always amazing but just like any individual, they can have irritating habits. Care to share some of yours so we can have a laugh? Guess I'll start it!

- my cat is grossed out by bugs instead of hunting them. Once a roach was inside and he just stared at it and looked at me as if saying "yo do something". After booting it, he tried to bury it.

- when I tell my dog to lay down, he jumps then lay down like a bag of potatoes, biggest smile on his face. Close enough?

- the other dog bares her teeth and barks when excited. It's all fun and games until you have a little "snarling jackal" running towards you (there's zero aggression but it's still teeth and barks and running towards you!)

Bonus: my aunt's cat claws legs so he knows that you'll lower your hand to take them off so he gets the chance to bump your hand to ask for pets. God forbid you don't pet him, he'll claw again until you bleed or pet him. Whichever comes first.

Needless to say, I love them all and wouldn't change a thing  ;D

Our Cat "Sam", King of the cats, first of his name, protector of the seven rooms, scurge of the garden and litter tray, murderer of small things, bullier pursuivant to lesser cats and small dogs and chief sex offender of the four street's. just sneezed all over my arm and laptop screen, does this count?.



Whoa everything else was very forgivable but sneezing? It's a offence worth the cone of shame tbh.

My dog does a similar thing with her teeth, but for her it's more of a nervous tick.  :laugh:

Haha another one for the smiling pooch club!

Today I just got reminded that my cat thinks he is a lion and I'm the gazelle. It's a invitation to play and there's no claws nor teeth so I play along until he tires but it's irritating getting full speed glomp on the thigh out of the blue haha

Also butt boop from dogs. Not a gentle sniff, a full boop right in the crack as if they trying to smell your soul. As annoying as it is, feels good that someone wants to know me this bad lol


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