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Re: Randi the lost traveler, finding the right road at last
« Reply #320 on: Today at 12:55:13 am »
Randi, your willingness to endure pain in three and four-hour lumps is a clear indicator of your deep need to transition. You truly are on the right road. Is FFS on your road too?
If I do any surgery, FFS would likely be the first. Well maybe an orchie too.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the woman behind my face, when the light and angles are just right. I want more of that. Gotta give the E some more time to work first though.

My electrologist subscribes to the Calm Masterclasses, and we've been enjoying listening to them. She actually looks forward to our sessions because they're long enough to get through a couple classes. Sometimes I fall asleep for awhile (they ARE called Calm ). One gem from a recent class about mindful eating stuck with us both. Slow down, don't be loading up the fork with the next bite while you're still chewing. Put the fork down and finish what you already have in your mouth before you decide whether to take another bite.

I finished my financial disclosures for the divorce early this morning (4 AM!). What a difficult, detailed task. I don't recommend it. I've been fairly absent around here while I focused on that. Glad to get it behind me.

Sunday I took one of my last long runs before my race up Pikes Peak on the 21st. I ran ("ran" lol means mostly walking) up to around 11,500' at timberline. At that point there are 3 miles left to the summit, all in the Alpine tundra. It's beautiful up there, but also hellishly difficult as you fight the lack of oxygen. I feel pretty ready. Confident I'll at least finish under the cutoffs anyway. One of my goals entering this year, after a 7 year absence, is to have fun however obscurely you might define fun in an endeavor like this. It will be my 20th race since I was in my 20's. And easily the slowest, both due to age and due to my effective HRT.

I tripped and fell while running down but luckily it was the least damaging fall I've had. My shirt will never look the same lol

Since I started from home the whole thing wound up being around 23 miles. It was the second time I've forgotten to bring a mask along, or I could have skipped the first and last 2 miles by taking a bus. Now I've put the mask on the hook with my water pack!

My smartphone thinks it's smarter than me. It's probably right.

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Re: Randi the lost traveler, finding the right road at last
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I too am glad you're done with the financial disclosures. There's relief in finishing an icky task.

You might be wise in waiting on FFS to allow estrogen to accumulate its changes first.

23 miles of climbing and descending??? WOW! You are fit!