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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Well final stage?? maybe as after my GIC visit in March should be on my way to GRS , face torture , voice straining and all that goes with it. Retirement beckons (still 13 months away , 13 months to long) when I can at last be free.
Anyway part 2 of my journey .

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Davina:
Congratulations on starting your new subsequent personal thread.

Your previous thread was a joy for all of us to read and to follow
and is still available for our reading enjoyment.
1989 posts, 100 pages, 
      Davina's diary,225711.0.html

I am looking forward to following your continued life adventures.


Got a ******* cold now, day off as well. Just hope its better by tomorrow, Olbas oil helping keeping the tubes clear. Will get some fresh air in a bit as need to got to chemist and pick up my patches and some more cold meds.
Need to go on this diet seriously , feeling like one of the hippos from Fantasia, last blood test shows cholesterol levels on upper limit (tell me I could have guessed ) E was a bit low maybe from different patches??Must go and make myself "presentable" as still in nighty, frost this morning and foggy so thick coat time.   

When I went to pick up my patches the doc hadn't sent order down, they will have my full amount tomorrow and gave me some today. She said ring them a week before to make sure they get ordered. Bugger more faffing about.
Nose wont stop running, have a large pile of tissues to chuck.  Recon will be off work tomorrow, in the time its taken me to type this 2 more tissues on the pile .Well if they don't like it at work tough.
 My E reading from my last blood test was very low but thinking it might be a typo, says 70 int and I think it should be 170 if not 270 by my last test. T is still the same.

Only a group of transgender people could celebrate and congratulate you for being "on my way to GRS , face torture , voice straining and all that goes with it."  We are an odd and wonderful group!

Exciting news and best wishes,



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