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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Thanks dear, had another bleed last night before going to bed . Not sure why as just sitting, now I have to clean my bedroom carpet from some drips . Its the r/h side again , for some reason it doesn't seem to have healed or blood build up and leak from stiches?
Will still go shopping tomorrow as mum (bless her) got me the wrong chillies and yogurt . Must start getting stuff for Christmas as well.
Have to write an email to gender clinic for a letter for gender recognition certificate so I can change birth certificate, more faff !
No curry tonight as its faggots, mash, carrot, cauliflower , peas and gravy . Comfort food.   


--- Quote from: davina61 on September 21, 2020, 01:50:31 am ---And if that don't work a good kicking ----------- (mechanic joke!!) , of to docs in a moment as first in queue  to get my rear stabbed with my 12 weekly anti T jab .

--- End quote ---

I always heard if it does not work hit it with a hammer. :).


Yes and if that doesn't work get a bigger hammer. Going to see how I get on doing a food shop. Looks like a frost or close to this morning , extra layers time.

Managed shopping okay, showed the girls at my nieces business my surgery pics and they were impressed. It was the dont want to look but just have to that made me chuckle !
Bled a bit but no more than have done sitting down, just a bit sore at times and glad to get back and sit down.


This sounds so great Davina!!!!


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