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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Another busy day in, how much I do yet who knows but have a list of cleaning, washing and cooking . Only urgent one is the cooking for dinner.
Cold again, showers a bit ago but clear pale sky now and a north west wind . Brrrrrrrrr, had to turn heating up to keep flat warm so big electric bill time.

Glad I am staying in, its horrible out side. Blowing a gale ,wet and cold. Feel an improvement every day but still taking it easy as only 23 days since op . Hard bit is finding something to keep me occupied.
Booked my seat for hot rod club Christmas dinner in a couple of weeks time , it will be good to see my friends again. 

Well I keep having 40 winks when I sit on sofa, almost went when dilating on bed!! Worse after eating as well.

Sat in my nighty and its 10am , cant be bothered to rush and still have a date with Mr blue . Filling my day with cooking later, beef curry cooked in a dum (sealed pot in oven) and cabbage in a sweet red pepper paste . I could eat that every day as its lush and simple once the pepper and onion are blended its a stir fry.
Blue sky again this morning and the wind has stopped, big fat wood pigeon preening itself in the willow tree outside my living room window.

Had the cabbage topped with some of the "rough" bits from the steak I cut up , very nice. Beef in oven now for 1 1/2 hrs. Hope there is a good film on later


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