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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Good film my back side, remake of FAME . Never mind it was something to watch. Managed a night with no undies or pad on bed and was fine , cant wait till things settle down and stop tugging.
Was thinking of going to pay rent on unit today but its a frost and forecast is barely above freezing today, tomorrow it said is up to 12C and as I have Docs for booster jab will do it then.
 Might make some tomato soup from scratch for lunch.

Went out and paid my unit rent , D was surprised to see me not expecting me to be mobile till next year. Called in on mum on way back and when I left the ex was taking her dogs for a walk so we had a quick polite chat. Docs after lunch for a booster jab , booked in tomorrow for nurse to check how healing is going as having trouble seeing in a mirror.

All clear from the nurse, healing very well. See my GRS thread for details. Time for a food shop again tomorrow.
Still bored -----------

Bored? Turn your flat into a disco! I can sell you an old Bee Gees' record for, uh, how much ya got? I can sell you an old Donna Summers' record for how much can ya borrow?

Have a load of records from my DJ days in the early 70s but they are all still at the ex's and my record player as well but it needs a new drive belt. One day I will get them.


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