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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Got my Custom Car mag and there was a local car in there with a photo shoot just round the corner from my flat at the art deco style garage in the town.
Well its shopping Thurs again already , a few more Christmas goodies in the trolley.
Cant decide if the tree is going up this year, not bothered myself and its not like I will get visitors. There again it will give me something to do .

Well rambling on, not sure if anyone is reading my drivel but it helps me jotting things down. Have to wander up town today as need a leek to cook a pork and cabbage dish and there were non in supermarket yesterday, same with icing sugar. Bought some more velcro strips (the removable sort) to put my wall art up as it fell off again , job for today.



 ;D, walk up to shop was fine due to the baby talc !! Knackered by the time I climbed up the stairs, lack of exercise for 6 weeks I think. Must have picked up the wrong mounting strips as not velcro (insert swear word here) .
Anyway cooking afternoon, courgette with fenugreek seeds and then stir fried pork with cabbage .
Had the heater on in bedroom last night as it felt so cold set on 18 C and the hot water bottle was still hot from 8pm at 11pm so snuggled up with that, toasty!


Davina I am so impressed with your recovery!  I am so glad it is going well.


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