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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Thanks Davina,

Since My doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago where we talked of future surgery I have been reading your posts.
Thankyou for sharing your experiences especially your recovery. I must say the recovery part scares me but following your recovery gives me confidence.

Happy Holidays to you.

Thanks dear, glad it gave some insight . Must say I think I have been lucky with no real problems or pain so YMMV but hope its as easy as mine.
 Dress is a bit snug but will be fine, just have to hold my gut in!!


Oh Davina we all have guts, gives us character and warmth in the winter.

Those cookies look great!!!

Well the cookies have all gone, no wonder the tum has grown!

A good time last night, nice to meet up with everyone again. Sat at a table next to J who is the other MTF in the club and my friends N&C that I get on with very well. Everyone was friendly but have met most of them before, only ones who were a bit off were C&W but W is friends with my ex and she is the one who got us together.
Have to fix the heater blower in my car today as sun is shining, looks easy to get at and according to the owners forum is a common fault after standing to seize up . Well it was sat for 6 weeks so hoping thats all it is.
 Update, yes just stuck and a bit of spray freed it nicely. Bit off a so and so to put back together , ended up removing glove box and taking an air pipe off that refused to go back on properly !


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