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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Who knew that you would have so many new "toys"?  Glad that you continue to heal even if it generates the odd tingle. ;)

Curry cooking slow, rang Docs and they still have not received my prescription so will see if it turnes up when I go for a blood test Wed. Glad I didnt go to the unit as its cold in my flat.

Davina, you make so much interesting sounding food! I love Indian cooking but don't have very advanced skills on it myself. Happy New Year!

My smartphone thinks it's smarter than me. It's probably right.

Takes a bit of practice dear, you need a good cook book with technique tips . Also found making my own Garam Masala made a lot of taste difference , cooking onions correctly , having water to hand to stop frying spices burning and a good pan. I get a lot of my spices on line , even then not all the recipe says needed are available .
 Looks a cold one this morning, off to do a bit more on Austin in a bit.

Just been to docs for blood test, still no prescription <not allowed> . Off to the chemist to get some more lube as they only got 1/2 a case last time .
Good frost this morning, windscreen frozen on inside! Could do with one of Alaskan Daniele's block heaters!!!!


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