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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Just cant get going this morning, felt very tired last night , well yesterday afternoon as well . Its cold and foggy ,think I will stay in today and hope I feel better tomorrow .
  Streaming nose again, home made chicken soup for lunch made with the stock and meat made from the chicken I used to make curry with yesterday. Blitzed up some mushroom and pea curry that was defrosted , drained the watery liquid of first so hope its okay mixed in.
Roll on spring !!

Nose had cleared this morning so went to work on Austin, car was still frozen at 10.30 and it said -1C . Fired up the space heater to take the chill of the unit but turned it off after 10mins to save fuel , put it on about 4 times . Gave up at 3pm as feet froze , warmer tomorrow so might manage a bit more.
 Another boring night in (TV is rubbish) , still I have the book to read my eldest got me for Christmas.

Well my wrist is giving me grief today, using tin snips , swinging a lump hammer and holding up the very heavy spot welder has taken its toll . Better now than a few hours ago but the cold makes it worse , knees as well.
Still not lost any lbs , thought I might have shifted a couple by now------------

Morning world, well its cold and foggy so staying in. Have to chase up docs for my prescription , I got the copy of email Parkside sent on Friday. The scar between vagina and anus is still sore/pulling and still getting odd twinges in labia.
Have to chase the face pain lady as well , no reply to my text to make appointment after her first reply. Why is everything so much hassle ? Dyslexic brain having a meltdown that will turn into a cant be arsed , on top of my big electric bill I have to pay landlord flat insurance . Luckily its not that much but need some bits for the Austin and not sure I can afford them (GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR)

Well getting the steroid cream is turning into a farce, its a month now since my follow up . First the docs didn't receive  the letter from clinic (or they never sent it?) then it took ages for them to reply to my email (2 times) and then its taken them over a week to send me a copy of letter by email that the docs still didn't get ! So I forwarded the email to docs and now get a text to say phone them as do I still want it (what the!) . Will have to book in and get someone to look as its a bit sore still .
Update , have a phone call booked from doc tonight after 5pm .
Further update, just walked to chemist to pick up my prescription that I ordered last Wed. You need to speak to a doc first (what the again) , anyway doc just phoned at 3pm and she was sorting out the order and putting it on repeat (about time!) and she booked me in to see nurse at 4.50 today , result.


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