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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Davina:
I am so sorry to read of your difficulties that you described with your medical "journey."

If it's not the bureaucracy and red-tape with the government that we have to deal with, then the medical field can throw us delays, rules and curve-balls.

I am wishing you well in getting all of this straightened out soon.

--- Quote from: davina61 on January 20, 2022, 03:06:01 am ---Well getting the steroid cream is turning into a farce, its a month now since my follow up . First the docs didn't receive  the letter from clinic (or they never sent it?) then it took ages for them to reply to my email (2 times) and then its taken them over a week to send me a copy of letter by email that the docs still didn't get ! So I forwarded the email to docs and now get a text to say phone them as do I still want it (what the!) . Will have to book in and get someone to look as its a bit sore still .
Update , have a phone call booked from doc tonight after 5pm .
Further update, just walked to chemist to pick up my prescription that I ordered last Wed. You need to speak to a doc first (what the again) , anyway doc just phoned at 3pm and she was sorting out the order and putting it on repeat (about time!) and she booked me in to see nurse at 4.50 today , result.

--- End quote ---

Doc has sorted out the prescription, she had a look inside my vagina and said there is a bit of infection so have antibiotics and she also said use some cream. Chemist had the pills but cant get cream till tomorrow, just hope they have the rest of my stuff then.

Watching First Dates on telly last night and one of the girls outed herself to her male date, She must have transitioned at an early age (hormones) as her voice and everything else was spot on, no tells at all . Good job her date said its the person not the gender that you fall for .
Time to take all my pills, one large antibiotic, 2 small fish oil and a vit D then later some Ibuprofen before seeing face lady !!

Face zapped okay , walked to chemist and they had all my stuff  :). Glue turned up so I can get on with the Austin, good day so far.

Well its my youngest lads birthday today, where did the time go as he is 31 . Not seen him for a bit as he moved in with his gf . Time to get motivated or the morning will be gone.


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