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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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Is it really 30 years since the illegal rave on the common, I was stuck in the middle of it for a week with 2 policemen to guard me ! Mum and dad and my family went and stayed with there parents , it changed the law on gatherings . Of course my nutty friend Debs went to it and partied !! Local radio have been running a feature on it and they say between 20 and 40 thousand folk were there .
 One of those days yesterday where stuff didn't work ,happens . It will be better today .

Bit strange? don't know but noticed breasts very sore 3 days after patch , that's just before the next ones . Seeing how long I have been on patches and breasts stopped? growing ages ago the breast material is always "sore" .
 Weather turned wet ,cool and windy the last few days . Hope it picks up for jubilee  weekend beginning of June .
My friend (yes I suppose he was ) Eddie the electrician passed on Sat , he was not well last time I saw him and had been bed ridden for last 7 months . Said it was OCPD ? and he had been on steroids for years . Bless him he was very accepting of my transition . 


I do the patches as well and fortunately I have had no bad reactions.

My breasts get sore periodically too.  Since I don't wear a bra regularly I wonder if it makes a difference.  According to "expert" opinions, bras are unnecessary for support so I guess their for show... ::)

I am sorry you lost a friend and a supporter.  He must have given you comfort at an important time in your life.

I hope you get a break on the rain, wind and cold.  It can be tiring after a while.  Hopefully June will give you better weather!

Good day today, blue sky and hot sun . Got a lot of small jobs done on the Austin that worked out okay. Trip to face torture lady yesterday (has it really been 6 weeks) , not many dark or grey ones left and end of July till next one .

Hi Davina,

I haven't been around much lately. Just living life mainly.

I'm glad you continue making progress on the Austin. Must be satisfying to see it come together. Yay for warmer, sunny weather, but I'm sure I'll be complaining soon enough about how hot it is!


My smartphone thinks it's smarter than me. It's probably right.


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