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Davina's Diary series 2 , the final stage.

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--- Quote from: davina61 on February 06, 2020, 02:31:43 pm ---When I went to pick up my patches the doc hadn't sent order down, they will have my full amount tomorrow and gave me some today. She said ring them a week before to make sure they get ordered.

--- End quote ---

little bit of rationing going' on the E patches in the UK, we've been hearin'

70 pg / ml is a bit low (still in range on the low side for post a menopausal female according to one chart i've seen).

Rest well


Thanks Cindi , well still <poo> today so had to text in sick . Cold remedy powder tastes gross so put a tea spoon of honey in the hot water!!! bit better. Nose is slowing down , so far just a head cold so hoping it doesn't end up on the lungs (prone to chest infections, now that's funny!!) . Brain is addled, but then its never worked correctly anyway. Have some thin sliced beef to use for lunch , cant decide if its a beef mustard and pickle sandwich or cook some pasta /cous cous and make something up??

Made a Quesada, found recipe on line and had most ingredients apart from lemon pepper. It said use a nan or wrap so made a roti . 

Hi Davina
Nice new thread place you have.
Dear, you appear predisposed to chest accumulations ;)
But in this case hope you're better soon.

Katie Jade:
Like WTH???

See you soon, GIC seem so taken aback when I turn up and say "hi can you confirm Im still on the list (earlier this week as I was in Notts shopping), and cancellations please let me know  x"

Who do they expect to wander through the door? Nora Batty???? (infamous sexy lady for the over 120's..)

Anyhow lovely to see your onto your 2nd instalment.. See you soon ive taken the day off.

Luv n Hugz

 :-*        ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :angel: :angel: ^-^ :angel: :angel: :-X :-* ??? ::) :( ;) :angel: :angel:


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