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Hormones and Epilepsy

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Jade Alice:

--- Quote from: Rakel on February 05, 2020, 07:57:17 pm ---Good evening Jade,

Your question about drug interaction is typically answered by Pharmacists, which I have been for over 40 years, now retired.

Both your seizure medications interact with Estradiol.

Carbamazepine increases liver enzymes making the Estradiol less effective. This can be mitigated by using Estradiol patches , injection or sublingual methods. These routes of administration avoid the first pass through the liver, making the Estradiol last a bit longer.

The same thing happens with the Valproic Acid, this time it is the Estradiol that increases the elimination of the Valproic Acid, making your Valproic Acid blood levels lower. If this happens, your seizures could return.

Either way, if your doctor closely monitors your medication blood levels, you may be able to take HRT successfully.

--- End quote ---
Thank you very much for the info! A bit scary though. I sure hope I can get the full effects of HRT and my Drs handle it correctly.

Hi jade
Can I ask if you started treatment and if so how is it working out ?
I have the same problem , I take carbamazepine for my epilepsy and my oral estradiol
Isnt having any effect.
I've been taking it for 8 months now and my blood results are still in the male range.
Did you find a solution to this problem?

Good morning Amber,

Talk to  your doctor about using Estradiol as a patch, injection or sublingual. Even though the drug interaction is still there, these methods seem to be less pronounced than oral Estradiol.

You do not need 8 months to get a good blood level. Just a few weeks on your new regimen should be enough time to get a steady blood level.

Keep in mind that everyone responds differently to hormone therapy. We cannot predict your results, but we can make a scientific judgment based on blood levels. See your doctor for any adjustments to  your hormone regimen.

Thankyou I will do 😁
I am getting bloods done again on Thursday,  so I'll see what my levels are like and take it from there.
I dont see my specialist at the gender clinic till next month so I guess it's a waiting game x


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