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--- Quote from: Shambles on February 07, 2020, 01:00:30 pm ---Hi you lovely lovely people  ;D

It's been ages since i've been on susans but i just wanted to say to anyone that may be struggling out there to keep going, it does get better. Honest!

I came out & went full time last summer and never looked back, sure there's been some personal sacrifices for me to transition but i had to do what i had to do, right?

I'm going to start to re-train starting this Tuesday- i'm going to become a Gender Identity Councillor !! Sure it will take a few years but i honestly think i'm going to love doing that.

At work I've just applied for an extra role - Global Gender Identity Officer, even if i don't get this i'm still going to do my bit in helping whoever does get the position. Hell i'm even helping to organise the company's involvement in Birmingham Pride this year.

No idea if i'll be back on here tonight / tomorrow or whenever but you can always find me on twitter -@jobloggsonline

Here's the oldest pic i could find & few recent pics of me -

Stay safe, stay focused, stay alive & just be you xxx

--- End quote ---

OMG Jo you look GORGEOUS!!
I'm so glad to hear you're doing well and moving forward, thats really great to hear.

Take care,


I'm new here and I don't post often because I'm not online much, but I just wanted to to wish you the best on your career and say that you look great.

All the best...


Wow, you look terrific. Best of luck on your new career. I think you'll be perfect for it.

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Jo its nice to here from you, looking well dear. Good luck with the new venture. BTW did you see the UK meetup is in Nottingham in April

Hi devina! Yes I did see the Nottingham meet, it's close enough to me but it's not like I post much these days on here. Wouldn't wanna gate crash your party!


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