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Katie Jade:

--- Quote from: roseyfox on March 10, 2020, 02:06:34 am --- i go awoo

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Wow truly stunning...


Luv n Hugz


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Picture of me from about 6 years ago?, I used to gym 1-2 times a day 6-7days a week had an 8pk Body Fat of between 6&8% but was always ashamed of my body, in an effort to try combat my dysphoria I worked out.. but no matter what I did to occupy my mind I would never sleep constantly depressed and on 3 occasions tried to take my life but woke up in failed attempts, then by weird luck I met my now fiancé soon to be wife and we had a lovely daughter before I started my Transition, she implored me to seek help so I did and yeah now were here I still have my moments but my Fiancé is right there with me to help at a drop of the hat every time, she even reminds me every night to take my medication lol.

anyways enough babble here's the pic lol
6F2FB520-E093-4136-9D79-F9D1735EEDE3 by erin wright, on Flickr

Hi Datgurl, you look amazing in both photos. I noticed that you clearly owned a motorcycle...specifically from what I can gather from the partial picture of the bike it appears to be a crotch rocket. I too work out constantly and I too had a bad a$$ bike (Ducati). For lots of MTF’s before any transitioning we seem to engage ourselves in hyper-masculine activities. Why that is varies for each one of us, but for me it was to suppress and hide my true inner femininity. Anybody else share this sentiment? Regardless you look much happier now..and again, look fantastic!


--- Quote from: KatieP on February 09, 2020, 05:21:14 pm ---As a prize, Pammie, you get your dues paid for the week...



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I opened the door and the light shone in

As always stunning 😊


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