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MTF in need of help 2

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Rachel Montgomery:
I love flying.  And, I love playing guitar. 

Flying is expensive.  Aircraft are neither cheap to buy or maintain.  If there are planes you can rent when you get your license, that may be more economical.  There are no such planes where I live available to new pilots (except flight schools for lessons).  Getting a private pilot and an instrument rating will help you build hours, which will help you rent from more owners.

There may also be a flying club you can join, or some part ownerships you can buy into.  Part ownerships are great if you can get into one, because you have co-owners to help pay for maintenance. 

Check with the FAA regarding any medical conditions and medications you take to see if you are eligible.  It took me almost a year of hoop jumping to get my medical, and then it expired a couple of months later.  Still waiting renewal. 

@Courtney G, Thank you. If you ever want to go to parties ley me know.
@Rachel Montgomery, thank you for your support.

So next weekend Erica and I are going to Massachusetts and then to a party.

Julie H:
Glad to hear that you are still seeing Erica hopefully things will get back to normal with you ladies.

@julie H, thank you, Poly relationships are definitely something that take getting use to. So, I was leaving last Sunday and Erica had a guy coming over. I felt like I was not of value to her. In reality it is the time we are together that is important.

A very different type of relationship.

The trip to Mass. today and Connecticut tomorrow is cancelled due to weather and covid. I will go to Erica's today and stay over.

I sent pictures and e-mails to Dr. Alicia Ziglar. They have the information and I requested a consultation.  I am planning to go in July 2022. We have a major inspection we need to get through and covid surge. Then I can do my thing.   


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