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What shows are you watching/recommend?

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So title pretty much:
Altered carbon (sci fi)
The 100 ( sci fi)
New girl (comedy?) Never finished saw a few episodes a few years ago
The magicians (fantasy got a bit nsfw, but awsome otherwise)
American horrer story: coven ( just cool not much to say)
Warehouse 13 ( scifi)
So yeah there is more , but thats the kind of stuff I watch I want to try other stuff too.

Just finished watching Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is, er, marvelous.

The Good Place is great. It's a primer on philosophical thought, a comedy, and the first show I've seen since The Twilight Zone that's willing to imagine Heaven, Hell, and eternity. They even reached the same conclusion as me about eternity, that it's untenable for all your dreams coming true is fun for a trillion years or so and then the luster comes off everything and a second, final death is best.

Heather A:
I seem to watch more comedies than anything else these days.

The Simpsons
Brooklyn Nine-nine
Schitt's Creek (A really funny riches to rags comedy show)
The Flash
Modern Family (Another great comedy sadly I think this might be the season finally)
The Ranch
The Mandalorian

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