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Gabby's Weight Loss Journey Prior to HRT

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Maid Marion:
I do a ton of gardening from a squatting position, as I grow lots of flowering shrubs.


Interestingly, I did look into Micheal Phelps for inspiration on weight loss as he consumes over 15,000 calories per day.   I was like what?!!!  When I heard that.   It seems swimming hours per day in a cold water pool can burn those like no one's business.  Handy to know.  Cold water shivers burn extra.  A book called The 4 Hour body by Tim Ferris taught me that. 

If you're diabetic, does that nudge Keto off the radar?   It seems like it would be right in line with what you had eat anyway.   It's what I do and it works.   I've found that anything you can do on a regular basis without thinking about tends to be the easiest way to lose weight.  Keto was my out, I eat pretty much that anyway.  Might look into it, but talk to your doctor, it's a drastic change and I have no idea how it would interact with diabetes medicines.   

Anyway, good luck on the journey.  I will say that every time you get on the scale it's discouraging so take measurements instead.  Measurements of waist, hip, thighs, wrists, forearms, neck, everything.   It's way more telling and keeps you on the track better as muscle weighs more and can make the scale lie.

There is a Michael Phelps interview on You Tube where he explains that yes he did eat all that food, but at different periods of his life when he was experimenting with what works and what doesn't. So, one year he did the pasta for lunch, and another year he had pizza for lunch, but not at the same time. All the other videos forget to mention that.

So, yes, my diet is somewhat keto, although not by design. For lunch I'll usually have an omelette with, say, mushrooms and spinach, and some mozzarella, or maybe green chiles and cheddar. One of my favorite foods since I was a kid is pasta con pesto. Bird's Eye makes a variety of plant-based pasta you just microwave in the bag. When it's done I just pour it over some pesto and I'm good to go.


--- Quote from: Gabby on February 22, 2020, 02:50:48 pm ---My first objective is to develop strength in my muscles.
--- End quote ---


I'm not sure "bulking up" (strength = more bulk in males) is really the best idea if your future goal is to transition your gender identity to female. In general a large upper body and thighs are pretty obvious "tells" that somebody is male. Most people look to reduce volume in their upper body, not increase it. The exception is the glutes and squats can be great for glutes if done right. They can also just give you massive quads so make sure you're distinguishing between the two.

My recommendation would be to develop aerobic power, lots of lower intensity exercise that improve your ability to burn fat in the first place. It will take a long time to loose weight if your muscle aren't trained to burn fat no matter how strong you are. (Strength muscle fibers don't consume fat.)

You're right. Aerobic exercise is important. I'm actually planning on discussing that later, as well as HIIT. But no, this hasn't caused me to bulk up. It's just toning my muscles . If, for example I did 5-10 dumbbell curls with between 30-50 pound dumbbells ( or heavier), this would cause my muscles to bulk up. But if I did high repetitions with 10-15 pound dumbbells, this would tone the biceps, and create muscular endurance, but not bulk. But strength training does add muscle, which needs more fuel, and will help give me more endurance for when I start doing aerobic exercise. It's already working. Last year when I started, I was at 320 lbs., and now I'm down to 280. I've already started doing cardio, I just haven't posted that yet. I will say that cardio and yoga have one thing in common. That is, while the goal is perfect form, doing it consistently is more important than how well you can do it. When I started doing the forward fold in yoga, I could barely reach my ankles, and now I can touch the floor. So, with perseverance you will get there. cardio is kinda the same way. The important thing is to just keep moving. If you are working out with a cardio video and you get too tired to do the entire workout, time yourself every time you work out with that video and keep a log. Your results should improve over time.


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