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What are some of the best Star Trek TV episodes, from any of the series?

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What do you think are some of the best Star Trek TV episodes, from any of the series?
State the title or story line, and the series name, if you know it.
There were also some episodes that were rather weird or stinkers, but a number of them were really good. 

Even the original series from way back had some good episodes.  All of the series seem to be on reruns and streaming services.  I have not seen them all as there are so many.


Trouble with tribbles was one of my favorites.

"The Gorn" Kirk defeats the lizard headed alien in an epic battle....

The Next Generation episode where there was an Enterprise D and the previous Enterprise C, because of a temporal rift, is memorable. 

Feel free to add more replies as you think of other great episodes...


Northern Star Girl:
I did not particuarly care for the Star Trek Voyager series but the very last episode is one of my favorites.

 Endgame_(Star_Trek:_Voyager) last episode,

Voyager finally makes it back home to Earth.

The Borg are unable to penetrate Voyager's new adaptive hull armor or to capture it with tractor beams, while Voyager destroys two Borg cubes with transphasic torpedoes!

With the deactivation of the Queen, the Unicomplex suffers a cascade failure and explodes, killing the partially assimilated Admiral. Meanwhile, Captain Janeway and her crew have entered a transwarp corridor and fired torpedoes at the unprotected manifolds while traveling back to the Alpha Quadrant.


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