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Suggestions for something I can do to feel more feminine? (Not out yet)

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Some clear lip gloss helps me.

As already suggested shaving and wearing more feminine clothing. A lot of clothes can pass as either female or male. Use women's deodorant. Get yourself a bag to put your stuff (makeup, lipgloss, etc) in so it doesn't have to be out and in the open. There are a lot of gender-neutral bags available out there.

I have found the little items that no one notices are sometimes the most helpful.

Maid Marion:
Exercise for a thin waist and toned arms instead of muscles.

Some great ideas, especially the lip gloss, though I’m wondering if the shine is noticeable with lip gloss? Also maybe jeans. What’s the best way to determine sizing? I currently wear 33-34 in men’s jeans.

Might be time to do some online shopping, thanks for the ideas.

Maid Marion:
You need to try stuff on, as most TGs have much narrower hips than GGs.  Even GGs have to try a lot of stuff to find clothes that fit.


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