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--- Quote from: Northern Star Girl on November 18, 2021, 01:29:49 pm ---@Pammie
Dear Pammie:
Certainly, yes, keep on telling yourself that because it is so very true.
   "Everyone has challenges that’s the thing I keep telling myself."

We rarely ever know of the challenges and heartache that others are dealing with but for
most people life is not a bed of roses and is usually filled with their share of heartaches, grief,
sorrow, disappointments, failures, and challenges.

Losing your daughter certainly ranks as a major heartache in your life and it surely
is difficult to put things like that out of your mind. 
I think the best things that one can do is fill their mind with memories of the good things
and the good times one has had with a loved one that has passed.
I know that is easy for me to say but difficult to do as you also unforgettably know that she is gone.

The good news is that you are GranPam and are able to enjoy being with your grandson at this Christmas time of the year.

HUGS and blessings to you as continue on.

--- End quote ---
Thanks Danielle. As always that’s a really kind and empathetic post. And yes, I know in so many ways im very lucky and I do love being Granpam

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Pammie:
I trust and hope that you are having a joyful Holiday Season.

I know that you will enjoy being GranPam to your grandson and
 your other young extended family members.

Have a Merry Christmas

HUGS and best wishes,


Happy new year!



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