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Battle Goddess:

--- Quote from: Battle Goddess on June 30, 2021, 02:01:03 pm ---DW's pain finally melted away. It did take quite some time.

--- End quote ---

I took the opportunity over the weekend to clarify with DW what actually happened. She said that at its worst, she lost one degree of freedom of motion in her shoulder from weakness and pain; that the serious pain took about three months to subside; and that she still has a bit of residual tenderness even now, some five months after her second shot.

She also said her massage therapist told her he knows of quite a few people with similar pain.

Might not be the happiest of news for you, Rachel, but you most certainly don't seem unique.

Rachel Montgomery:
Once again, I experience something that most people don’t, but I am not alone.  Oh well, maybe that is everyone’s experience at some time or another.

Battle Goddess:

--- Quote from: Rachel Montgomery on July 05, 2021, 04:07:02 pm ---Once again, I experience something that most people don’t, but I am not alone.  Oh well, maybe that is everyone’s experience at some time or another.

--- End quote ---

Certainly that of this community's!   ::)

Northern Star Girl:
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Please do not take the COVID-19 lightly.  I continue to effectively wear well fitting N95 masks while in public at stores or inside buildings and enclosures.  I have not been in crowds outside like sporting events or fairs but in those venues with crowds, I would wear a N95 mask also.  I am also fully vaccinated.

I would rather not wear masks but this is truly an extraordinary health situation and I think it is wise to wear masks even though I am fully COVID-19 vaccinated.  It cannot hurt me or others to wear masks and it may help me and others by wearing a good N95 mask.

When people were dying because there was no vaccine that was sad.  Now that there are vaccines some do not wish to take them (or cannot because of age or medical reasons, or will not because of religious reasons, and other reasons) and some people who do not take the vaccine are dying from COVID-19.  This too is sad. 

Logically, it appears wise to be fully COVID-19 vaccinated to help prevent adverse COVID-19 reactions, based on information passed to the general public.  It also seems wise to wear effective masks.  I realize it is a personal decision to be vaccinated and wear masks. 

On top of that, there are some “breakthrough cases”, meaning that some of the fully COVID-19 vaccinated can get and transmit COVID-19.   All the more reason to effectively wear good fitting N95 masks.

Be safe and careful.  Keep up with the latest research and be smart about this.  CDC recommendations change  often it seems but I assume it does based on the latest valid interpretation of related data and the caring for the well being of the public.



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