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Battle Goddess:

--- Quote from: Devlyn on February 11, 2022, 03:36:21 pm ---How careless... that's a lot of airplane to misplace..

Explains all the lost luggage, though.  ;D

--- End quote ---
When I worked for an airline, I realized they were really in the business of retail logistics, and the most crucial aspect of the business was keeping track of inventory.

Innovative marketing, pricing, routes? Naw. Just so long as you didn't misplace the aircraft, you were doing pretty good that day.

Battle Goddess:

--- Quote from: Oldandcreaky on February 11, 2022, 02:48:19 pm ---BG, I use a unit of deaths called a 747. A fully loaded 747, counting passengers and crew, is about 500. So, a daily death total of 2,500 would be five 747s falling out of the sky, day after day after day after week after week after week after month after month after month.

Great link. Thanks for that.

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If anyone wants to talk about Deep State conspiracies, this one begins to sound like it fits the bill.

Powerful, influential, shadowy figures in media and government, irrespective of party, working together to protect the conveniences of the wealthy and downplay the risks to everyday people?

Kinda makes you go hmmmm...

Battle Goddess:
Oooh! Even more conspiracy!

After decades of cuts to public education in order to create an inescapable, dependent peasantry, add a pervasive media empire that convinces the proles to actively and virulently resist all precautions against the virus.

The proles dutifully insist the plague is a hoax, the vaccine is dangerous, public health measures are government overreach, and respecting your fellow citizens encroaches on their liberties. They then loyally troop off to their jobs restocking shelves, working crowded assembly lines, and handling logistics for the bourgeoisie who want overpriced kale from Whole Foods.

The plot thickens...


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