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Discriminated for being Trans for the first time in over a year, feeling down

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--- Quote from: Miss Kitty on March 19, 2020, 04:08:41 am ---I seriously thought you were going to use some elaborate scientific insult about my brain just now haha. Thank you! You have all been wonderful. Things are still going good, I had an attractive man today comment positively on my looks (actually as a feminist I should have been offended by his unwanted comments about my appearance but in light of how I've felt lately, I was very happy indeedy). Im taking all the good and using that to push out the bad. I will be right back here though if I need advice, I think I still have a huge road ahead of me and it means the world to me knowing that this community exist.

--- End quote ---

No insult at all. A literally deep compliment, for many brains can't consider divergent viewpoints. 


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