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Discriminated for being Trans for the first time in over a year, feeling down

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Was that a young child?  If so, I'd chalk it up to youthful indisretion.  They might have just reacted because they didn't know any better and kids often say inappropriate things.  More important is how her mother reacted.


--- Quote from: Bittydrew on March 06, 2020, 10:23:35 am ---My biggest thing is why should we have to look like CIS women anyway this is a thing society has created for us I do believe which causes us to seek out surgeries and stuff to help make us look like them but really we shouldn't have to pass ....just looking at things a little different I know its easier to get thru life doing it and have the same thing with clothes and makeup I don't pass yet either ...

--- End quote ---
I’m struggling to get that perspective tbh. But hey, YMMV.
I personally don’t identify as trans but as female - no prefix is the key for me so there are only women so, therefore I need to blend with and look like other women

I opened the door and the light shone in

Miss Kitty:
Firstly I would love to thank all of you for your support and suggestions, I have been feeling better lately and your replies have been helping.

I managed to go to work for a few days and was super stressed the whole time that some one would clock me and say something while I was really emotionally vulnerable, nothing happened and I've had a few days to reflect on things. I have made a savings plan to start planning for another round of FFS, a jaw/chin reshaping and a tracheal shave. Having a target of 12 months to save for it has actually made me motivated and given me a new sense of purpose. If I feel that there is possible end to my dysphoria I can go to bed knowing things will certainly get better.

Unfortunately, I paid for all my previous surgery by selling my own home, I own virtually no possessions and no assets at all so its another year of living on an impossibly slim budget, but I will make it work if it's what I really want to do.
In the mean time I going to have to just appreciate how far I have come, as you girls have suggested, and be happy with the fact I have to privilege of having had any surgery at all so far.

It is horrible that we live in a world where people are not only so judgmental but go as far as training their own children to be horrible people too. The fact that I have gone this long without people harassing me should tell me I am at least on the right path, even if it is an arduous and slow one.

In regards to what you said Maid Marion, it's funny you mentioned the mannerisms part, I usually have very effeminate mannerisms, however, that exact day I was harassed I was feeling dysphoric and was walking very awkwardly in my heels and with a slouched lazy/sad posture, it's entirely possible that was a dead give away so I'm making extra effort to make sure my mannerisms don't cause an incident like that again  :P

Maid Marion:
Hi Miss Kitty,

Good to hear that you are feeling better.

I always look at the kids, though I know many on this forum can't do that.  They are just small people.
Just like me. Shorter than 70% of the population.

I've been training Girl Scouts by buying cookies while I'm wearing pink nail polish.  Two boxes already!

There is a gorgeous white hybrid tea rose named Miss Kitty that was discovered by Kitty Belendez.


Miss Kitty, I'm sad that happened to you.

However, I urge you to note what other women wear when they shop. In my six-plus decades, I have rarely seen other women wear high heels and makeup when they grocery shop. Dressing differently will draw attention to you. 


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