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They're all reasonably good, anyone seen, opinions?  Any other recommendations?

- Rattlesnake
- The Ritual
- Gerald's Game
- Wounds
- Terrifier
- 47 Meters Down

Andrea Candle:
I don't have Netflix,I'm old school, I still buy VHS horror movies  ;D , but I saw the trailer for Gerald's Game and I think it's great. 8)

I won't have it for much longer but they do have quite a bit on there now.  Yeah GG is really well made.  VHS eh? :D

Andrea Candle:
Yeah...I like this plasticity and depth of VHS tapes so much, the horrors have a unique atmosphere on them ... and besides the tapes I have recently watched the great horror movie "The Nun" but you probably already watched it. ;D

Ahhh, no but I wanted to see how it would play out after seeing The Conjuring.  Did you like it?  I'm up to 13 Cameras, could be ok.


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