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Good afternoon.

I have never seen so much home related merchandise sold out online (and at store locations) from our nation’s largest retailers.  No, not plywood and emergency power generators, such as you often see before hurricanes.

This is not limited to toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  It is all kind of foods, snacks, and expendable home goods, such as paper towels.

Let us keep in our hearts, prayers, and caring behaviors all the people that are adversely impacted and may become so because of economic and other hardships and illnesses they and those close to them or who work with them or who worship with them may experience.



Totally agree, Susan. The situation in Italy is exactly where the USA will be in 2-3 weeks. Still way too many people in the US not taking social isolation seriously enough, and so state and local governments are going to start shutting businesses down in the coming days and eventually limited stay-at-home orders will be put in place.

It's up to every single US citizen to decide whether thousands in the US are going to be killed or tens of thousands / hundreds of thousands are going to get killed. If you have any sort of elderly loved one, you're risking their lives every time you go out. Tons of photos today of bars packed with St Patrick's Day revelers - don't do that!  >:( Yes, go out for essentials, go out for a quiet walk in the park, but don't take needless trips and don't hang out in places where lots of other people are.


There are a lot of people being dismissive out there. I am hunkering down already, better safe than sorry. Darwin will have to  sort out the rest. So take precautions. I bought a box of rubber gloves and face masks right before I left for my surgery in 2017, I am so glad I kept them instead of getting rid of them.

Maid Marion:
I've gotten stocking up on stuff when it goes on sale, so I'm all set.  Enough pasta for fifty meals and an unopened 15 bag of rice ought to last me a while. Bought an extra hundred gloves at the end of last Amazon sale. Four gift boxes of summer sausage and cheese just for me.

Best of all, I learned to cook efficiently for one with minimal waste. ;D

My wife and I love to cook together anyway, so we're not changing much. I did begin working from home on Tuesday, and we cancelled our volunteer work at the county jail. We are in the high risk group due to age, so are trying to lay low.

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