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Surviving a toxic environment while on quarantine?

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Just saw on the news we probably will be grounded until September. Been around a week and I absolutely can't stand my family anymore. Specially because most of them are also on quarantine, besides my mother being away from her job a month prior.

The type of toxicity that is here is not something noticeable unless you're actually living with them. Goes from subtle passive aggression to my mother talking to me all the time when I'm trying to study, despite me asking her to leave me alone. My transphobic aunt is here also, and is very noisy. I always hated her ever since I was a child. My sister has been more unpleasant than the usual, and every time she's around I get extremely anxious. The energy in this house is so negative and heavy that when I go outside for any reason, the air feels way lighter.

The only breath of fresh air I had was going to uni. Spending a few hours away was really good for me. Now I feel trapped with them. Been taking a tool on me. Anyone has any advice on how to manage this situation? The stress they cause is already hard to deal with, now not being able to study properly is even worst.

Maid Marion:
Take it just a day at a time and remember that the better you do at uni, the more likely you will get a chance to move out for good.  I moved away when I was 23.  Clear across the country.


Lots of walks. Mile and miles every day. So many walks that you'll be hard to return home and sit for an hour or so before your next walk!

Try wearing headphones.


--- Quote from: Perry on March 21, 2020, 06:17:20 pm ---Try wearing headphones.

--- End quote ---


or ear plugs.

I just do not have a lot of time for toxic relationships. They are not helping us in any way. Just blot them out as much as possible.


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