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How are you dealing with COVID-19?

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I don't know if this is the right thread, but i wonder how other people are dealing with this? I am a designated essential service and have no break, and am really busy (too bad). I find people don't care what i am, as long as i provide what i am supposed to provide. I wonder how others are dealing with this...are you isolated? do you have support?

Julie H:
I stay as isolated as I realistically can. The last thing I want to do is be responsible for someone else's death. My hat off to you for being there in these frightening times.

I'm not a really social person so it doesn't feel tremendously different from a social standpoint.  I'm now working from home which I prefer.  I also have lots of hobbies and projects so I have been focusing on getting stuff done.  It is really unnerving to see the world unraveling.

If you have old short sleeved T-shirts, you can take the whole sleeve and in the same piece of material keep a few inches of material from your t-shirt’s shoulder, chest, and armpit area, to make a face covering.  No sewing required, just the scissors and a T-shirt. Each t-shirt makes two face coverings.  Place the T-shirt on a table flat, place your scissors a few inches below the sleeve, cut an arc from the edge below your armpit to the shoulder.  This single piece will also contain the whole sleeve.

You pull it down over your head and your nose holds it up.  Easy to clean, simply put into the clothes washer.

You might try leaving more of the chest/shoulder material on the piece your cut out, try it on, then cut away material if it is too much or too big.

Here are more DIY mask making ideas:

Here is a video on making masks without sewing:


@Devlyn @Jessica @Northern Star Girl @Pammie @Roll @CynthiaAnn

I wash my hands many times a day and I practice good hygiene. I keep my distance from everybody.

Other than this, everything else is pretty much the same with one exception. I have a head band that is wide over the top of the head. If I pull it down over my mouth and spread it out some, it will make a fashionable mouth cover if mandated.  As for effectiveness, I really have no faith in mouth covers. I will continue to wash my hands and keep the areas around me clean and disinfected as best I can.


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