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How are you dealing with COVID-19?

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Oh Erika this does not sound very good. It is hard , you must be very bored. I was thinking about that myself and I wondered what I would do if I was not busy. I hope you can reach out to people on here and talk.

Danielle Kristina:
I've been holding up as best I can.  I'm isolated in my bedroom nearly 24 hours a day.  I'm not working at the moment, plus we are all on lockdown, so where else can I go?  I don't watch much TV and until the nation started self-quarantining, I wasn't very active in social media.  Now, however, I can't get off the internet, which explains why I'm posting here more.  I've been getting on the ham radio more as a way to socialize while staying distanced too, so that helps.  I got sober a few years ago, but have had a few nights where I drank myself to sleep just to get some relief.  Weed helps too.  I don't normally advocate chemical solutions, but in times like these I gotta do what I gotta do!  With nowhere to go and no one but me, I just kill the hours away and try not to think about them.  Personally, I'm not afraid of this virus.  I don't believe that it would kill me and even if it did, that would be a relief honestly.  My biggest concern is that I don't want to get anyone else sick.

I don't get sick from viruses, so I don't fear catching it. However, it has impacted daily life pretty much. I haven't had a serious quarantine or whatever, I spent six weeks at home from March to April, then I was back to work and have worked ever since.
The thing is, there's nowhere to go atm. Many places are just closed, the others are restricted. We can't even go visit my parents for Christmas because of this.


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