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How are you dealing with COVID-19?

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I was always an introvert anyway so not much changed aside from it's harder to get some things done.  Banking has become a mess.   Sure is making that awkward transition phase easier since I don't talk to people at all now unless it's on the phone.

2 weeks off work as getting over persistent chest infection , keeping myself busy by working on my classic VW panel van . back to work on Monday as cant survive on sick pay!! Worried about social spacing at work though , customer toilet is bigger than shared office I have to collect keys   and paperwork from!!!!

Other than walking my dog and going for groceries, I haven't been out much.


--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on April 04, 2020, 11:35:26 am ---If you have old short sleeved T-shirts, you can take the whole sleeve and in the same piece of material keep a few inches of material from your t-shirt’s shoulder, chest, and armpit area, to make a face covering.  No sewing required, just the scissors and a T-shirt. Each t-shirt makes two face coverings.  Place the T-shirt on a table flat, place your scissors a few inches below the sleeve, cut an arc from the edge below your armpit to the shoulder.  This single piece will also contain the whole sleeve.

You pull it down over your head and your nose holds it up.  Easy to clean, simply put into the clothes washer.

You might try leaving more of the chest/shoulder material on the piece your cut out, try it on, then cut away material if it is too much or too big.

Here are more DIY mask making ideas:


@Devlyn @Jessica @Northern Star Girl @Pammie @Roll @CynthiaAnn

--- End quote ---

Those home made masks may help prevent you from spreading, but are pretty much useless for keeping you from getting infected.

On the other hand, I just happened to have a N95 mask in my car, though I haven't used it.

Maid Marion:
I kept mine in the desk at work before I took it home along with the other stuff I'd need to work at home.
Better computing resources at home than at work. 

At home I have a face shield and a P100 respirator that I use for gardening. I switched to a face shield as safety glasses would fog up when used with the respirator.

I went out once for groceries a week ago.  I may just stay home for a long time, as I don't really need to go out.

Aside from age, the biggest risk factor appears to be morbid obesity.  Which makes sense to me, as in order to move your lungs a fat person has more stuff to move.  Which means they tire quicker and soon need a ventilator.



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