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Tessa James:
Hey Sweetheart, way to look on the flowery side!

Oh, I'm buttoned up in my home. A neighbor is at the grocery store right now, shopping for me and when she puts the groceries on the porch, I'll spray the frozen stuff and let the rest of it sit outside for a couple days.

Well i’m alone in my little apartment and I suffer from claustrophobia so I fully intend to go out at least twice a day. Sorry but actually mental health is also very important to me. If I had any symptoms I’d not go out but I don’t so social distancing is enough

I opened the door and the light shone in

Please follow the disease mitigation actions.

These are very important.

Love your neighbor, follow these crucial recommendations.

Thanks for doing so!  Hardships now, better times to look forward to are ahead.



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