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So here is my progress.

Photo taken on the 30th December 2020

That's impressive growth! I have lots of thin hairs on top, but the front few inches are shiny bald. I don't expect to get anything back (just 8 weeks on HRT, plus a year on Finasteride). For now I just wear hats; I don't own any wigs besides a $25 costume shop one I used for awhile a couple of years ago. That'll be a future step, going to a good wig shop that I've heard about locally.

Thanks, Randy.

I know there is still a long way to go but I am hoping in a few months the whole half will be filled.


Hi all,

I have taken more photos of my progess. As you know it is a long slow progress but you can now see I have hair coming through on top of my head.



My hair has grown so much since my last photo so I just had to share. I am hoping that post-surgery my growth will continue to fill in the top and the front. I am sure that it is has picked up pase after my surgery, I am so excited.



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