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I've been removed from the Discord


Angela H:
Hi everyone, today I went to the discord channel because I was really hurting and I needed some help. I posted a long rant where I laid out some of my insecurities and, yes, in the middle of it I did say something transphobic. A mod in the chat deleted the problem part of my post and reprimanded me. She threatened to remove me from the chat and I begged her not to, but then she went ahead and kicked me out anyways.

I think I didn't do a very good job of communicating my position that that thing I said was my insecurity and that I agreed with her decision to edit it out and that I was not intending to post anything like that anymore and that I'm sorry I did it in the first place. I was in the middle of a panic attack at the time and I wasn't typing very quickly or thinking very clearly either.

It really, really hurts that I got removed from the chat. And I know I broke the rules and it's fair to kick out people for breaking the rules. I'm just really hoping there's some kind of recourse here or maybe I can just explain myself better or something? I had to post and find out.

Hi, I've locked this topic since Staff actions are not up for debate on the open forums. Here is the proper way to address such issues:

20. The staff of this website are here to provide peer support to our members and visitors, and to provide a safe environment by enforcing the TOS and rules of this website and chat server. If you disagree with their actions, or how a specific situation was handled, you may contact Susan or any of the other administrators by email or forum private message, with the details of the situation. They will review your complaint and take any corrective action that may be required by the situation. All user complaints and issues are taken seriously and will be investigated thoroughly.

While the rules and regulations of the Forums and Discord chat are the same, the two are separate. You still have complete access here as you have done nothing wrong on the Forums. If you scroll up and click on the Staff List button, you will be able to write a PM to any of the Chat Staff, including the Chat Administrator, Flan. I would suggest that you wait until you are not having a panic attack, and write a well crafted message to Flan.

I saw your chat posts, as well as the Chat Staff report and their discussion of the posts. I agree with the actions that were taken. Your post would have probably been OK if you had described it as your feelings about yourself. But instead, you attributed your thoughts to other people... and that's when it became a problem.

As I said, you still have full access here, you are free to address your concerns in a post here, and receive support and advice from our members. Just make sure that your post conforms to the TOS and policies. They can be found here: Site Terms of Service and rules to live by .

Hugs, Devlyn

The reason this person was removed from the discord was a post which violated TOS #10 explicitly.

--- Quote from: Susan on July 27, 2006, 07:45:44 pm ---10. Bashing or flaming of members of this website or the LGBTQIA community is not acceptable behavior on this website and will not be tolerated in the slightest for any reason.  This includes but is not limited to:
* Advocating the separation or exclusion of one or more group from under the Transgender umbrella term. The same restriction applies to advocating the removal of the T from LGBTQIA community.
* Suggesting or claiming that one segment or sub-segment of our community is more or less legitimate, deserving, or real than any others.
* Posting any topic or making any post that suggests that Trans people are not really men (FTM) or women (MTF), even if done for the purposes of criticism or discussion.

* Posting any messages that engages in personal attacks on members, and/or is actively or passively aggressive no matter the provocation.
--- End quote ---

You may personally feel how you like about your gender agreeing with your sex assigned at birth, but it's not a topic of discussion for this site; and you most certainly cannot make public judgement on anyone else's gender.

The staff acted correctly in this instance. It may seem harsh but we take TOS #10 very seriously.

Northern Star Girl:
TOS#2 is also involved... as follows:

2. Any attempts to stage protests, dispute the site policies, the TOS/rules, or actions of the staff; in the public areas of this site will not be tolerated and will result in your removal. If you have any issues, contact Susan by email, or forum private message, and not bring these types of issues into the public spaces on this website. For the proper way to handle problems of this nature see item #20 below.

Here are the Terms Of Service rules that @Devlyn included a LINK for in her reply>
    Site Terms of Service and rules to live by

It is always a good plan for all members, new or old, to review them occasionally.
Let's all try our best to keep the Forums and associated Susan's Place sites a friendly and supportive place.



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