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--- Quote from: shellyx234 on April 16, 2020, 04:58:00 pm ---I'm just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with online doctors/counselors? From what I understand it's a lot less expensive than in-person visits and I'm just wondering about the experience. At this point I am sort of mid-transition and I mainly just want to get prescriptions to continue my transition. I do feel the talk-therapy will be helpful but I have gotten to know myself pretty well at 42 and I don't think I need a ton of talk therapy.

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Check with your Insurance company first.  Depending on your carrier and the plan, the costs for tele-health may vary.  For instncce here in the US as of July 1,  BCBS reverted back to their pre-COVID tele-health coverage for the vast majority of their plans.  The had been covering tele-health at the regular co-pay costs because of the pandemic.

I have not tried tele-doctor or tele-therapy or tele-voice training.


Northern Star Girl:
I live in a small (out of the way) town so I have used Tele-appointments with my doctors...
....but I would much rather make the 3 to 5 hour drive to one of the big cities and have a
one on one in person appointment.
In my opinion, nothing beats being there in person with your doctor or therapist
but a brief follow-up tele-appointment has worked OK for me.



It might be worth noting that every insurance plan has an appeals process. If you need tele-health and it is not covered or your therapist of choice is not in-network, you can always appeal to be covered "in network".  You will likely need to make a call and ask the appeals process. From experience, plan on writing a detailed letter.

Its worked for me in the past and thought I'd pass along the tip.


--- Quote from: Northern Star Girl on August 08, 2021, 10:28:57 pm ---
 . . . but a brief follow-up tele-appointment has worked OK for me.

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 ;) Don't "do" therapist but think "telehealth" is the greatest thing since sliced bread but, in many states (thx to the demise of COVID?), they're 'bout ready to SHUT INTERSTATE Televisits DOWN!


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