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I really only do  minimum, and by that I mean just a BB cream thinly applied. It just lightens and covers blemishes. If I go 'mad' then I use mascara and maybe eyeliner, that makes me look very feminine and is about the total extent of my daily make-up (and what I have on now) - No colours, blushers, contouring or even eyeshadow or lipstick.
That said, it is nice sometimes to do a 'full face' and that does make me special, but it takes ages and I only do that if I am going out somewhere special. Still a nice thing to do and something that takes practice.

But yes, my mantra (and a lot of my cis-female friends too) is 'less is more.'. :)

Thanks for the help everybody!

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A little makeup can go a long way.  :)


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Chrissy:

EXACTLY RIGHT!!!   That painted-on look is not attractive in most cases for most people.
In my personal opinion as transgender women it is better to blend-in and not stand out with wild makeup and clothing.

Dress, act, talk, and look the part for obtaining the acceptance and respect that we are seeking.


--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on February 07, 2021, 07:19:19 am ---A little makeup can go a long way.  :)


--- End quote ---

Alittle powder blush and a tiny bit of powder foundation.
I go from there....



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