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I’m Noah and I’m trans FtM. I have been questioning my gender with the help of videos and online forums for weeks now, and at this point I’m pretty sure I’m FtM. I was getting really confused about gender expression vs gender identity (they don’t teach me these things in school!), so I was doubting myself even though it’s pretty clear. But now I’m pretty sure and am now seeking to identify my dysphoria in different situations and try to make changes so I feel a bit better.
I am feeling pretty privileged though because society is a lot more open to girls (I’m cringing typing that but that’s what the world sees me as right now) wearing mens clothes and getting shorter haircuts than if a boy wanted to put on makeup and a dress (which is pretty awful). So I feel like relieving some of my discomfort will be a lot simpler for me.
Anyways, I’m ready to talk! I’m sure you’ll see me around. :)

-Noah (he/him)

Northern Star Girl:
Dear -Noah:
Thank you for following the LINK that I gave you in my last week's Wellcome Message for you to INTRODUCE yourself here in the Youth Introductions sub-forum to tell more members about your arrival to the Forums.
With more exposure to more members here you will be able to get more responses to your questions and concerns.

I trust that you will find the Susan's Place Forums helpful to you as your share your thoughts and questions with other members here....   this can not only be helpful to you but your comments can be helpful to others.   
I hope that you find the Youth sections of the Forums agreeable to you as you share and communicate with other young members here.  Of course you can post and comment in the other various threads anywhere around the forums as you wish.

Again, Welcome to Susan's Place and the Forums
Best wishes to you,


     Welcome Noah!    :)



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